20 Maret 2010

One Boat for Palestine

Since January 2008, Israel has subjected the Gaza strip to an increasingly severe blockade, restricting Gaza’s ability to import fuel, spare parts, and other necessary materials. As a result, the economy has completely collapsed. Most of Gaza’s industrial plants have been forced to close, casing steep increases in unemployment, poverty and childhood malnutrition rates.

In December 2008, Israel broke a ceasefire with Gaza and began a three week campaign of bombing, home invasions, and general destruction. During this massacre, homes, schools, mosques, and UN centers were all attacked by Israel. Thirteen Israelis, including 4 Israeli civilians, lost their lives, while over 1300 Palestinian men, women, and children were slaughtered. Since the end of the massacre it has become harder than ever to bring in humanitarian relief, reconstruction aid, or developmental supplies.

Meanwhile, in August 2008, Free Gaza movement, a human rights group, has successfully sent the first international boats to land in the port of Gaza in 41 years. Free Gaza Movement is committed to raise international awareness about the prison-like closure of the Gaza Strip and pressure the international community to review its sanctions and end its support for continued Israel occupation.

Free Gaza movement has sailed from Cyprus to the Gaza strip on several successful voyages, bringing in international witnesses to see firsthand the devastating effects of Israel violence against Palestinian people. Their boats are the first international ones to journey to Gaza since 1967.

Responding to Free Gaza Movement’s plan-together with IHH (a humanitarian organization in Turkey) and Global Perdana Foundation (a humanitarian organization in Malaysia)-to re-enter Gaza this coming April 2010, MER-C is determined to be a part of this trip by purchasing a 25 person passenger boat, which will board medical teams, journalists, engineers, and other elements to support this mission.

Our medical teams will perform surgeries needed in Gaza, as well as distributing medical aids that the people of Gaza badly need. The journalists will document the trip. Our engineers will be there to follow up the construction plan of Bayt Lahiya hospital. Other elements will also come with us to witness firsthand the gruesome condition of Gaza and its people.And to add international pressure for Israel to end it's blockade.

Adequate fund for this mission is urgently needed; hence we welcome any generous donation in this coming week to enable us to purchase a boat, which will take around 3-4 week process for MER-C to have its own boat.

Estimated cost of “One boat for Gaza” mission:

No Item Amount
1 One passanger boat capacity 25 persons 150,000 euro
2 Dry docking 2,500 euro
3 Inspection 1,000 euro
4 Antifouling 1,500 euro
5 Lawyer 3,500 euro
Total Estimated Cost 158,000 euro

Presumed 1 euro is Rp 13.000,-,
The cost for the mission equals Rp 1.950.000.000, -
(One billion nine hundred and fifty million rupiahs)

Donation for “One Boat for Gaza” project can be sent through”

Bank Name : Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM), Kramat Branch
Account Name : Medical Emergency Rescue Committee
Account No. : 009.0121.773

Bank Name : Bank Central Asia (BCA), Kwitang Branch
Account Name : Medical Emergency Rescue Committee
Account No. : 686.0153678

We truly hope to be able to enter Gaza this coming April. And we also hope that this humanitarian mission is strongly supported, in order to help the people of Gaza from the suffering that they are facing right now. Should you need more information, feel free to ask for a thorough presentation at any of your convenient time.

Thanking you in advance

Presidium of Medical Emergency Rescue Committee

Joserizal Jurnalis, MD
Orthopaedic and Traumatology Surgeon

MER-C Secretariat:
Jl. Kramat Lontar No. J-157 Senen, Jakarta Pusat – Indonesia 10440
Phone/Fax: +62 21-3159235 / 3159256 SMS: +62 811 99 0176
Website: E-mail: merc@indosat.

Hadirilah Aksi Damai untuk Masjid Al Aqsha

Mari kita bersimpati pada kiblat pertama dan Kota Suci Umat Islam, serta para penduduk Palestina di Negeri Para Anbiya dari kekejaman Zionis Israel

PK-Sejahtera Online: mengundang kepada seluruh elemen masyarakat untuk ikut serta dalam aksi damai untuk Masjid Al Aqsha dan rakyat Palestina dengan Tema “Selamatkan Masjid Al Aqsha dari Cengkeraman Zionis Israel”.

Aksi ini InsyaAllah akan dilaksanakan pada hari Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2010. Pukul 12.30 sd 15.00. Dengan rute Longmarch Monas – Bunderan HI – Monas.

Mari kita bersimpati pada kiblat pertama dan Kota Suci Umat Islam, serta para penduduk Palestina di Negeri Para Anbiya dari kekejaman Zionis Israel.

19 Maret 2010

'Today Me'

Have you ever thought about "Your Goals?"

What is your true goals, your hopes, your dreams..

And the next question is: have you got it?

Now i'm thinking about my true dreams. What am i looking for? (hey, please correct me if i wrong with the grammar).

Professional links?


New Experiences?



Then, what about my responsibility as a human? (heh?? human?? :P)
For example: my social life, family, help other people.. Ouuhhhhhhh..

Beside that, i need time for resting my body.. Huhuhuuhuhu...

Sorry if you mind to read my note.. But i have to write it.. and evaluate: am 'today me' is a better person than 'yesterday me'?

What a hard evaluation.

07 Maret 2010

Sita, Vilda dan Saxa

Wah.. namanya bagus-bagus ya.. Nama-nama itu bukan nama wanita, lo.. Itu nama-nama obat yang saat ini harus saya akrabi.. Biar ingetnya cepet, ya di analogi-analogiin gitu deh..
Trio SVS tersebut dari golongan DPP-4 inhibitor. Termasuk baru lah ya.. Sitagliptin, Vildagliptin, sama Saxagliptin. Tapi sang adik yang paling kecil belum masuk Indonesia, nih.. Temen-temen mereka dari golongan lainnya juga punya nama yang gak kalah unik: sang tetangga, si golongan tiazolidindion: ada Rosi, sama Pio. Nama panjang mereka Rosiglitazon dan Pioglitazon. Baiklah, mungkin perkenalan dengan kelurahan oral hypoglycemic segini dulu. Masih ada teman mereka yang lain yang belum disebut. :)

ngeprint Label Tom and Jerry

Lagi bikin klasifikasi obat diabetes, nih di papan. Nempel2 pake label tom n jerry yang tersohor itu.. Sudah bikin di word, sih format labelnya. Ternyata, begitu searching di gugel, voila!! Ternyata si tom n jerry sudah buatin formatnya..

Here you can download some of the format of our labels:
Label no. 99 download

Label no. 100 download
Label no. 101 download
Label no. 102 download
Label no. 103 download
Label no. 104 download

dan banyak lagi di